LO STUDIO Bettini Formigaro Pericu (BFP)

BETTINI FORMIGARO PERICU(BFP) is an independent Italian law firm established as a result of a merger between two outstanding independent law firms, Bettini Pericu, founded in 2008, and Studio Legale Tributario (STLT), founded in 2004.

After decades of working as partners in leading Italian and international law firms, the founding partners of BFP - Andrea Bettini, Ivo Formigaro and Andrea Pericu - decided to share their experience and bring toghether their consolidated expertise in M&A, corporate and commercial law along with their unrivalled knowledge of administrative and regulatory law.

Professor Giuseppe Pericu was also involved in the firm from the outset, providing fundamental assistance and advice to the founding partners both in shaping its mission and in developing the organisation and market positioning of its offer of legal services.

The driving force behind the establishment and growth of BFP lies in its flexibility compared to larger Italian and international competitors. BFP has the resources to deliver highly qualified and structured legal services (also for labour intensive transactions), which are financially competitive and responsive to their clients’ needs.

Since its inception, BFP has strategically strengthened and developed its experience by adding new areas of practice, without compromising the standards of excellence set by the founding partners, and consolidating the firm’s ability to advise on major transactions involving Italian and international businesses. Legal services are offered by lawyers with a comprehensive knowledge of Italian law, backed by over 30 years’ of practical experience.

In addition to market-leading skills in several areas of Italian law, BFP also has broad international reach through its close relationships with leading independent law firms across the world, in a wide variety of markets and jurisdictions.

Drawing on its solid professional background and with a business-minded approach, BFP serves a large portfolio of domestic and international organisations, including major publicly owned and private corporations, financial institutions, governmental bodies and state-owned entities operating in the Italian market and investing globally.